Bush / Backpacker Resort

We built 3 rooms for friends and family to stay in if they decided to come for a visit.  When it became known that we had rooms we started to have requests by government people others to stay overnight.  One of the Ministers approached us to get a certificate.  He was instrumental in helping us get our FTIB "Backpacker's" Certificate.  First we had to get a waiver from Native Land Trust Board on our lease.  We were granted both without much trouble.  The Minister with FTIB in his portfolio certainly helps!!  Now we can rent out our rooms, charge for meals and run expeditions.  We did not think we wanted to run a resort but, it does create some more jobs when we have guests and it is fun when we have visitors.  We are thinking that we should build a couple more “Bure’s”.  We have cleared trails across the Island and are clearing for some new “Bure’s”.  If you are looking for a “Bush” vacation in Fiji we are ready.  There are excursions to the reef for snorkeling, excursions to villages, and the local people love guests and will make you feel like a King or Queen!  If you don’t require 5 Star Hotel accommodations I am sure you would enjoy it.  You would lunch with the workers on largely traditional Fijian food which we serve every work day and in the evening the fare is something more American or Indian.