PROJECTS continued

Also Island  Scholarship  Fund

Cruisers and visitors to Also Island join in village life at Cawaro. The local school is always a highlight and a surprise!

Cawaro is a centre for schooling; children come by boat and on foot from 4 nearby villages and settlements. When distances are too great, the children stay for the week under the school's boarding system, sleeping and eating in the simple but adequate accommodation and benefiting from supervised homework sessions.

As in village life, the older children help care for the younger ones, some of the older boys get up really early to collect fruit and vegetables for the boarders' meals from the school's own gardens.

Jim and Kyoko offer some of the children learning opportunities on Also Island on the weekend. These children are nurtured and encouraged to further their schooling so they can aim high, have a fulfilling career in hopes of a Îtrickle down' effect to the village.

Cruisers and visitors have shown their support by bringing books and school supplies and sometimes by offering a donation.

The time has come for us to focus on our top students and get them into higher education, and with this in mind we are setting up the ÎAlso Island Scholarship Fund'.

Any donation receives full acknowledgement and 100% of receipts will go to the fund and be awarded to a deserving student. Any donation for any project will go 100% to the project.

Projects Waiting to be Funded

    • Cement basketball court for the school
    • Ice Maker
    • Building of new Pyramid "Burie"for meditation and guests

We will post updates on the Also Island website so that you can have the pleasure of following the students' or project progress.

In Fijian we say “vinaka” for “thank you”, for your donation we will shout loud and clear vinaka vakalevu' or thank you very much.

We feel confident of gaining a soft spot in your heart and in return sending you greetings and information on the beautiful people of Fiji and projects of your interests.

Future Projects Waiting for Funding:

Every new development causes a new set of needs.  There is a need to expand our “Backpacker’s and that need will increase as the economic activity increases in the area.  That will cause a need for more water.  Currently we collect all of our water from the roofs and store it in 2 twenty thousand liter tanks.  We seldom run out of water but, extreme care must be exercised in our water usage during the dry season to prohibit running out.  Plus as we employ more people we need to increase our gardening efforts.  We will need to be prepared to water the gardens in the dry season to maintain adequate food supplies.  We have a couple of places where it would be relative easy to build small earthen dams that would create water reservoirs.  Building a dam is high on our priority list.

A long term project that was supposed to be “Project One” is to build a “Burie”, in this case just a roof, not walls, on the point just up from the main buildings to provide shade for rest and relaxation.  There is always a breeze there and when it is hot and not much wind you need a place to go to stay cool.  Again this need will increase as we see more visitors.

We need a speed boat that would get us to Labasa in 2 hours or less and carry at least 6 people.  A new catamaran is the order there.  We have done some research and have a couple boats in mind but as funds are not available no decision has been reached.
We still believe that a block ice plant would bring much needed ice supplies to the area and would not only make the fishing activity more viable but could be used by the school and nursing station to store supplies that need to be kept cool.

And one that I have wanted to do for a very long time is to build a basketball court at the school.  I played basketball from a very young age and know it to be good exercise and a great competitive sport.  The children need to learn to develop themselves through competition.  Currently rugby is about the only sport the play.  The girls do play net ball and I believe that basket ball would be very attractive.

Any of the above interest you??  We would love to have you participate in our efforts to develop ALSO Island.  We have just recently been appointed an “Economic Center” for the area and as such our growth and expansion is guaranteed.  Come spend a vacation or take a sabbatical and start a project!  The rewards will be great!