Boat Building

Village Boat picture

The Village Boat Story

The rebuilding of the Village Boat Hull & Super Structure was the first project performed on ALSO Island.  The lease property of ALSO Island Limited was found to be the best, and almost only place to get a boat on shore to work on it. 

Initially we had installed an engine and got the boat working.  A year later the hull and superstructure needed rebuilding.  Yachting friends came from all over the South Pacific to help.  At the same time we were rebuilding the Village Boat we were also starting construction on the ALSO Island Limited Facility.  We needed  a storage place for tools and parts and a covered work space


Repairing the Hull
Working on New Paint
Cikoba   Cikoba
Rebuilding the Roof and Decks
Repairing the Engine
Cikoba   Cikoba
Lunch Break
Everyone Helps!

More on Boat Building, coming soon!

To contact us about building or repairing boats, please email us at alsoisland@gmail



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